Twisp stores open everywhere! Twisp stores now open at Musgrave, Blue Route, Bedford Centre and The Glen!With 18 Twisp stores in premier malls around South Africa, chances are, there is one close to you.Check out our contacts page or retailers page to find... Read more
8 Reasons why you should change to Twisp 1. Smoke and ash is no more! Because electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco, their is no smoke or ash. Instead, you simply smoke Twisp as you would a normal cigarette and you get great, smooth tasting flavours which do not smell. ... Read more's nicer than smoking cigarettes, tastes better and more smoke...Marelise Bester

...I've tried the others, but none of them lasted more than a few weeks...My Twisp never leaves my side"Angie Marx the flavour. Haven't felt the need to a cigarette yet.Love it love it. Thanks.Ralph Sickle

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