Deluxe Set Vapourisers Starter PackIf you love your smokes but are concerned about the smell, what it could do to the environment and the people around you (especially your family and children), then smoking an E-Cigarette instead is a good idea.

10 good reasons for choosing an E-Cigarette instead of the traditional smokes:

  • Cancer triggered in humans is often caused by carcinogens which are often found in second-hand smoke.
  • Second-hand smoke is especially harmful to pregnant women and not only does it cause various diseases,  it can also cause premature deaths in adults as well as in children who don’t smoke.
  • Second-hand smoke contains hundreds of chemicals that are toxic – this is one of the main reasons why one should choose to use E-cigarettes.
  • Did you know that secondary-smoke in the air left behind from cigarettes, cigars, pipes and the smoke exhaled from smokers contain hydrogen cyanide, arsenic ammonia, vinyl chloride, benzene and formaldehyde! A frightening thought indeed and for those wanting to switch or stop, this should be reason enough to make the switch.
  • Most scary of all is that this harmful smoke in the environment is the cause of almost 50 000 deaths in adults who don’t smoke at all in the US every year.
  • Of these deaths there are in the region of 22 000 to 70 000 that are caused from heart disease and the balance from lung cancer.
  • Most frightening of all is that non-smoking individuals were discovered to be two to five times more exposed to harmful smoke in public places, including restaurants prior to no-smoking laws being passed.
  • You will be considered to be “cool” when smoking E-Cigarettes, because those that take care of the environment and aware of the world around them, are indeed cool.
  • Laws have been passed in South Africa that all public places are smoke-free zones, which is a great relief for those that cannot stand smoking.
  • Smoking makes you smell “funny” – E-Cigarettes don’t smell.

If you are not convinced about swapping your fags for E-Cigarettes these ten reasons are only some of the many advantages of making the change – find out more about what ECigs do by visiting our site today.