“Twisp The Night Away”

Are you looking for something a little trendy to smoke; perhaps you would like to support the environment with our smokeless Ecigs range or maybe you are thinking of kicking the habit altogether. No matter what your preferences are we offer you a little something different to light up your life.

Perhaps you are tired of being told you taste like an ashtray when you lock lips with the love of your life or are often found crouching in dark corners catching a little puff that you are not prepared to give up for anything in the world? Say goodbye to smoking around the corner, on balconies or in the dark alleys around restaurants that don’t permit smoking.

Ecigs have just given you a way out of awkward situations while enabling you to continue having that oh-so-wonderful puff first thing in the morning with your cuppa char or last thing at night before you switch off the lights.

Indeed smoking has never been more fashionable, trendy and elegant, while at the same time offering you a chance when puffing away on your Ecigs to not only take care of the environment by not emitting extra impurities into the air, throwing away cigarette butts or packets; furthermore you have an option of weaning yourself off the habit should you need to for health or personal reasons but are not able to. There has also been a noticeable growing trend of celebrities smoking e-cigarettes.

It is not only beers that come in cool flavours – if you enjoy peach, cherry or apple flavours you can now enjoy your E-cigarettes in these and other aromas, too. Our complete range of E Cigs come in a multitude of choices and options plus you will now be able to find all these flavours, accessories and more from one of the many Clicks Stores and outlets dotted throughout South Africa.

But what are the advantages of an Ecig?

  • You can now smoke a smokeless ciggy in a plethora of flavours.
  • E-cigarettes VS Normal cigarettes
  • You won’t be the party pooper breathing and blowing smoke in the faces of non-smokers.
  • You will smell good even after enjoying that perfect puff. Check out the “Trending Twisper
  • The people around you will no longer feel they are inhaling your secondary smoke.
  • For moms that have given up smoking during pregnancy but would like to continue smoking after the birth of the baby, remember that E-cigarettes are harmless to children and babies – Read further here (ETS)
  • If you are a smoker, simply cannot bear the thought of giving up your daily “comfort” but are finding cigarettes are becoming way too expensive, our starter pack comes with the whole enchilada – single device, charger, spare atomiser coil and 5 ml of tobacco which will enable you to not only save on costs, but will ensure you can start “Twisping” the night away.
  • If you are not fond of purchasing goods online you will be able to purchase your Twisp from any Clicks store throughout South Africa (visit our site to see which one is closest to you).
  • 10 reasons to smoke an E-Cigarette

You will be spoilt for choice with our superb, unique and fashionable range of Twisp E-cigarettes. With many years of research and development behind this product you will not be disappointed with the result.

So… if you want to be cool and classy, environmentally friendly and smokeless (Read more about why Twisp is environmentally friendly) but would still love a puff or two, our E-Cigs will offer you the perfect opportunity to continue in the vein you have been accustomed to – all this but without the smoke! Visit us today so that you can start Twisping right away.

3 thoughts on “Ecigs, The great cigarette alternative

  1. Chereece

    Just bought my Twisp! Loving it. Would be nice if you considered flavors like banana or bubblegum.

  2. andrew

    I got the e cig I stay in east london the internet say clicks sells the liquid but I phoned all them they say they don’t what other shops would sell this let me know pls thanks my cell num is 0613345899

    • Hi there

      You can have a look under our outlets page which Clicks stock Twisp.


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