Toasted TobaccoDo you sport the latest Tribal tattoos – the ones that are trendy and showcase something daring and cool right down your back, on your neck or even a head tattoo if you are brave enough?

Do you wear the latest clothes and consider yourself a fashionista keeping up with the times and up-to-the-minute fashions?

Tattoos, caring for the rhinos, ensuring the environment is kept clean and safe in your work-place and home all show you care about the way you conduct your life and the way you do things.

How you can take care of the world around you:

  • Start off by changing from conventional smokes to E-Cigarettes; an E-Cigarette guarantees you never emit harmful fumes into the atmosphere again and that those around you don’t breathe in dangerous fumes emitted from cigarette smoke.
  • Incorporating solar panels into your home and place of work by making use of the copious amounts of sunshine South Africa enjoys in abundance will warrant that the solar energy you use instead of conventional electricity will show you care about the environment as a whole.
  • Supporting worthwhile causes such as protecting the rhino and cutting back on eating fish shows you care and that you are prepared to take the world around you a little more seriously.
  • Small steps such as growing your own veggie not only makes for healthy diets – make your own compost by using all those peels and scraps from the kitchen.
  • Save water by taking short showers and fixing leaks.
  • Recycle your plastic, glass and paper.

Did you know that if four million households switched off their geysers during peak hours (5pm to 9pm)  – this can and will save as much as an extra 2 000 MW – which is sufficient to avoid load shedding when electricity is under severe pressure?

Start off by changing from conventional cigarettes to ECigs today to show you care about the world around you.