PROMO1-PhilipThe trendy Twisper can be spotted miles away. He or she wears designer gear, looks great even in imitation designer stuff, and wears fake fur with panache; furthermore the trendy Twisper sports the latest tattoos and hairdo’s, eats sushi for breakfast and is considered to be part of the “cool” group at school, college, university or work. Why? Because he or she will not smoke ordinary fags simply due to the fact that he or she has swapped the tobacco-fumes for a smokeless E-Cig.

The trendy Twisper is the person who is kind to old people (even though he or she will never admit to this), saves kittens from high trees, helps blind people across the street and never, ever blows smoke in the faces of the unsuspecting non-smokers around them. Why – because they have been clever enough to change from the smoking variety of ciggies to smokeless, fumeless E-Cigs.

If you are a trendy Twisper you will have swapped that money-guzzling habit of smoking ordinary fags long, long ago; you will never, ever, ever throw papers on the floor, chew gum on trains, planes or buses and will go the extra mile to support the underprivileged. Instead you will gallantly smoke an E- Cigarette for the simple reason that you are respectable, respectful and considerate.

As a matter of fact, if you are one of those tough guys or gals on bikes who support the teddy bear run every year to collect toys for underprivileged kids, the chances are that you smoke E-Cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes are convenient, don’t smell and are environmentally-friendly because there are no packets and butts that one needs to dispose of. You no longer have to share your smokes with friends, and don’t affect the people around you. Besides, E-Cigarettes are the coolest invention since the Laptop Computer.

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