Twisp Fresh Range E-Liquid Refills

When the long days of summer arrive after winter, all we like to do is enjoy it. There is nothing that can beat winding up a happy day in the sun sharing time with friends and family except perfecting the scene with a puff or two on your favourite flavoured e-cigarette.
If summer is here, the holidays are staring us in the eye, and let’s face facts, nothing spells out summer quite like the full range of fruity Twisp Fresh E-liquid Refills that are not only delicious but different, quirky and simply divine.
Ditch the smells that go hand-in-glove with ordinary smokes and instead try out the wonderfully different Fresh E-Liquid Refills that embrace Fresh Range Blueberry, Fresh Range Apple, Fresh Range Honeydew, Fresh Range Peach as well as the delightful Fresh Range Cherry.
Try the many pleasingly tangy Fresh E-Liquid Refills this summer to add a new dimension to your smoking experience – this is indeed smoking at its finest.