The stars are smoking E – that is, it is not uncommon to spy celebrities enjoying E-cigarettes instead of smoking the traditional fags.

As E-cigarettes gain momentum in the popularity stakes, it should not surprise us that more and more top names are trading their cigarettes for technologically-advanced smokeless E-cigarettes that don’t emit nasty odours but instead are filled with sweet-scented vapours that are easy on the olfactory glands. E-cigarettes do contain a percentage of tobacco, although there we do sell a range of E-cigarettes that are tobacco-free and 100% safe around babies, kids and pregnant mothers.

The stars that smoke E-cigarettes tally up quite well – recently Catherine Heigl of Grey’s Anatomy fame did an interview where she demonstrated her preference for E-cigarettes and for those that enjoyed watching Jonnie Depp in “The Tourist” would be interested to learn that he smoke copious amounts of E-Cigarettes in the movie.

Other stars that enjoy a puff or two on their E-ciggies are Charlie Sheen of Two and a Half Men fame (although he has been ousted to be replaced by Hollywood Hunk Ashton Kutcher).

Also seen puffing his “E” is Leonardo De Caprio, while riding his bike; of special interest is that Leonardo is famous for his long-time pure enjoyment of his E-ciggies.

Charlie Sheen is so taken by these puffing wonders that he has started up a new E-cigarette business called Nico Sheen, partnering with Lenny Dykstra who is a former MLB baseball player, and who also boasts a colourful past.

Paris Hilton and Britney Speers are other famous names that enjoy a puff on their trendy smokes as well as Lindsay Lohan, Kevin Federline (father of Britney’s children) ,Nikki Reed and also Ashley Greene.

In the region of 46 million Americans smoke tobacco in one form or another and around 1 000 Americans die every day of smoke-related diseases and illnesses – although not all E-ciggies are tobacco-free, there are certain types that are. Furthermore they don’t emit any harmful substances into the air which makes it a lot less unpleasant for individuals in the vicinity of E-cigarettes.

Find out more about E-cigarettes today by visiting our site. If the stars are smoking E– perhaps it is time for this trendy switch.

It is widely believed that the additives in tobacco, not nicotine, is what’s causing lung cancer and emphysema. Because the e-cigarette contains pure liquid nicotine, manufacturers are branding this product as a safer way to smoke because of the absence of tar and other harmful chemicals found in traditional tobacco. See why smoking E-cigarettes is better than Normal cigarettes.