We love nothing more than to hear feedback from Twispers. Here are a few examples of what was said. Thank you for your support!
"I want to tell you that I have been using a twisp for two years. I smoked cigarettes for 42 years. Up to 60 a day. My twisps (I have three) have saved my life! I have never been so healthy since using the Twisp. So thank you, thank you, thank you….."

"I've been chain smoking for 40 plus years, but once I tried the Twisp, I was in love. Hubby, as sole breadwinner, gave me the choice, smokes or Twisp. Well, you know what I chose because we now do the monthly shopping via Twisp Cape Gate. LOL. I can't stand the smelly and bitter cigarettes anymore. By the way, your guy at Cape Gate, David Kingdom, is most attentive, very helpful and SO charming. He helped me right from the beginning and is still one of the best salespersons I've met. I'm saving up to buy the Edge so as to have the Solo as a backup. Almost there..... They can take away all cigarettes but if someone dare to touch my Twisp, there'll be WAR. LOL. Love you peeps. Take care and God bless."

"After my by-pass while in ICU they were doing some tests and a remark was made, the one ICU sister said to the other that they could see I was NOT a smoker as my lungs were clear, keeping in mind that I had smoked since I was 13 and had only been on the Twisp for two years that was quite mind blowing."

"I purchased my first twisp yesterday... I am pleasantly surprised by the product.... Thank You Twisp...."

"I have recently purchased a twisp solo. I smoke on average of 20 cigarettes a day,and since using the twisp, with the tobacco flavour,  I have gone down to 2 a day. One in the morning and one at night. It has been 3 days now. I am happy with the results. Thanks to twisp, I feel like I am now able to kick the habit. Thanks Twisp SA"

"1 week yucky, stinky, gross cigarette free! Thank you Twisp SA , easiest (and most stress free) time I've ever tried quitting! Love the taste of the Tabacco #1, still have to try a few flavours though! Awesome product!!!"

"The iPhone of cigarettes, so much fun and super convenient; especially with Winter rains coming in the Cape. Great service and great response from customer service!"

"I am vaping for more than a year now. Upgraded my clearo yesterday with new edge. What a wonderfull piece of technology!!!! Would reccomend it to all twispers. Its absolutely flawless. Thanks Yolanda at Menlyn outlet for exellent service and advice. TWISP PLEASE!!!!!!! Open a outlet in the Pta. Montana area!!!!!! Wil really appreciate."

Hi, just a quick note to thank you for excellent service - again! I have ordered from you twice now and you have performed excellently on both occasions. The service is great, prices great and for once an efficient courier (even though I'm in the middle of nowhere). Item arrived in two days without hassle; what a refreshing change! Kind regards

"The best thing that ever happened to me - Twisping :-)"

"I am thrilled with my Twisp. I have been on it 3 weeks now and have not had a cigarette nor any desire to have one... wish I had bought a Twisp sooner!"

"Guys, 1st of all, thank you for the wonderful product. 2nd, what's up? Had to thank you guys first. I had a couple of friends who used your product. And me, being the sceptic, had to see first if it worked for them. Well, it did. Made some calculations to see first if it would save me money, spending about R1500 on cigarettes a month. I got my twisp a week ago. And, I'm glad I did. I can already breath better, can hold my breath for more than 30 seconds, which was impossible just the week before. And, based on the calculations I have made up to so far, I think I will save around R1200 a month. Bottom line, great product, great and helpful staff. Score: 11 out of 10 Thanks once again!"

"I used to be a professional smoker. I worked and represented a cigarette company and even sat on "smoking boards", reviewing taste and draw for tobacco product development.
After years of involvement in the industry to the point of even being known and associated with a particular brand, I honestly never believed for a single second that I would ever give up cigarettes.
Then I received my Twisp as a gift. I was skeptical. Being something of an expert in the field of the harm of tobacco smoke, I was very wary of the lack of scientific research to validate the water vapour claims. But that aside, the proof is in my pudding :) I no longer have a nagging and irritable cough, which I previously didn't even attribute to smoking! My stamina is much improved without any increase in my exercise levels. My productivity at work has increased a thousand fold without smoke breaks. I don't have that constant niggling about how many smokes I have left, where the nearest shop is, if I have money in my wallet. No smoke in eye awkwardness. No spraying on perfume in the morning, wondering how much money I'm wasting on it considering all that people will ever actually smell on me is smoke. I can go to movies without getting fidgety before the feature film even starts. I can socialise without having to break conversation and miss the gossip by having to go outside for a quick fix. I am no longer looked down upon, frowned upon etc. And sure, airlines don't allow it. But what they can't see or smell, they can't moderate. I was on a one-way smoking road. Now I feel like an acceptable member of society! Go go gadget Twisp!"

"Wish we had this years ago! The best ever, not complicated at all and worth every cent for the full kit. I was on 60 cigs a day – started 7 months ago twisping and never craved or touched a cigarette again. Feel healthier, breathing much improved and do not carry a foul smell, go for it.."

"I have to say a huge thank you. After sustaining a smoking habit for more than forty years, I am now twisping! I borrowed a twisp to try it. Thanks to speedy delivery of my own twisp, via the twisp web site, I did not have to go buy 'fags' between running out of flavours and having my own twisp and flavours delivered. I am so impressed - and grateful."

"I'm a new Twisper & loving it. Got my twisp delivered yesterday. Haven't had a regular cigarette since I turned on my twisp."

"Have tried numerous e-cigs from various other companies as well as liquids from the various e-cig companies and none, I mean NONE of them come close to comparing with Twisp. Will never try any of the others ever again. Well done! Twisp, keep it up!!!!!"

"Just wanted to say a massive thanks for the awesome customer service and support. Really enjoyed dealing with a brand that values their customers."

"I only got mine yesterday. Comparing my twisp to cigarettes. I am happy(surprised) to say that my Twisp is winning. I already smoked less and don't "stink" as my daughter will say it. Thanks for a great product."

"I love Twisping! I love to change the flavours according to my Mood!! ‪#‎twispforlife‬!!!"

"Can't imagine life without my Twisp Clearo! Enjoy mixing and matching all the refreshing flavours so much!"

"I just want to compliment "TWISP" I have now been on TWISP for a year, I am much healthier, and have saved R24,000-00 (Twenty Four Thousand rand) I have successfully converted 7 friends and family to TWISP, all with great results. People ask why I am still TWISPING after such a long period, my reply is simple, I actually enjoy all the different flavours and have no stress at all. Have a great day all you fellow twispers."

"I just have to say thank you to Twisp SA again! I stopped smoking August 2014 and started using the Twisp..My cholesterol levels as a smoker were very high, everytime I did my Vitality health assessment the doctors wanted to put me on tablets. I went for my Vitality health assessment this morning for 2015 and my cholesterol level was 4.3!!! It just goes to show how bad cigarette's are to ones health! You don't realise it until after you stop smoking and feel and see the results! I feel amazing! I am cigarette free for 7 months now! Thank you Twisp! For years I tried everything to stop smoking cigarettes and nothing worked...until you came along! "

"After a 25 year battle with cigarettes I have not touched one since the day I picked up my first Twisp... 20 months now!"

"Been on my twisp for a year. I am so happy. Gone from 40 cigarettes a day to my twisp. No cravings, no bronchitis & no more stinky hair & fingers."

"I Love my Twisp, haven't had any problems with it ever. Been Twisping for 11 months now."

"I have been a smoker for 15 years. I haven't touched a stinky since I got my Twisps! Amazing product! Literally a life saver."

"Best product of this decade! It gets me off cigarettes and gives so much pleasure throughout my day. Love the Black Forest Cake mix."

"Love it. Have the twispoligy kit with almost every flavour. Im smoking it like crazy and my coils dont seem to quit on me. Very impressed. Love the product love the taste love the satisfaction. Keep it going!!!"

"Nine weeks today without a cigarette thanks to my Twisp. Although I live in Ireland my Twisp is South African bought for me by my sister at Gateway Umhlanga. I could not have done it without you Twisp!"

"30 wonderful days of being cigarette free. Thanks twisp. We got our life back. No sore throat. No over eating, no smelly mouth clothes or cars. Fresh smell when we come home, kids don't cough anymore. Energy levels defiantly up."

"Customer satisfaction is 50% product and 50% service, and you guys have nailed both on the head! A big well done to the social media team and the Cape Town staff, you guys rock!"

"Got my third Twisp for Christmas, I can't go without them! "

"The best alternative to smoking cigarettes."

"I have not been having a cigarette for the past six months now"

"Thanks to a friend of mine, who said TWISP worked for him, I was encouraged to give it a go, being a heavy smoker for way too long and starting to feel the affects of smoking - shortness of breath, excessive coughing, not to mention the stink of tobacco. It has only been 2 and 1/2 weeks and this friend of mine actually told the TWISP sales lady that he was not 100% convinced that the product would work from me as I had tried SO many times to give up smoking. But it is working so far. i don't like the smell or taste of tobacco cigarettes, my house smells clean and so does my car and my daughter who hated the smell of my cigarettes does not mind the TWISP at all. Better still is there is non of that : "OMG .. it is 11pm and I only have one cigarette left in the packet - better go to the shops else I will not cope" kinda crap situation. My cherry flavoured liquid is almost up and I am hoping that after one more flavored liquid (with nicotine) I will switch to the no-nicotine homeopathic range and then eventually chuck that away as well (sorry TWISP.. but I told my mom she could have my kit to help her stop smoking too :-))"

"Great service awesome product!!!!
4 months no cigarettes and haven't been happier!!!"

"Wonderful product, great service. Highly recommend. Special thanks to Donovan for helping me solve a problem on a Sunday afternoon. Keep up the good work."

"3 Months on Twisp and loving it! Never thought I would kick the bad habit of smoking cig! My smell and taste senses have change significantly all for the best!"

"Well my last cigarette was in November 2013, tried a couple of different e-cigs but the best one I have tried and stuck with is the twisp. You can't go wrong with twisp."

"Twisping now for four months after smoking 30+ years its working and great! So happy to see our Spar Sutherland Super Spar now stocks all the Twisp products too!!!"

"This is one great product! Bought my Twisp 3 days ago haven't touched a Cigarette. Feel much better already and I am a happy customer. Thanks for the advice and excellent service"

"The staff at your Blue Route kiosk are unbelievable! They are friendly, helpful, efficient, knowledgeable and utterly professional! Excellent customer service! Loving dealing with them and loving my Twisp Clearo!"

"I've been tobacco free for over 7 months, was asked tonight if I'd ever go back to smoking....hell no! The other day I climbed some stairs with a couple of smoker friends, and at the top I was the only one breathing normally. Twisp is definitely the way to go!"

"Totally loving the polar mint flav!! Twisp is amazing, got one on saturday from Eastgate, and today was totally cigarette FREE!! The best thing I ever did, and my hubby is just as happy! I would so recommend Twisp to any smoker!!"

"Hi Twisp! Just letting you guys know thanks your product is fantastic. It is now 2 months since I started Twisping and I feel amazing, not a single cigarette and love the rebel flavour. I made the right choice. Thank you Twisp!"

"I bought my Twisp 23 January 2014. To date I have not touched a single cigarette (after smoking 20-30 a day for 17 years). I have mixed and matched my flavors and loving it. I have had nothing but great support from the team. One issue I did have was the Galleria Kiosk not having any chargers etc.. Staff immediately took my battery and charged it for me at their Kiosk.. which held me until I got to the office the next morning where I forgot my charger. Their service is brilliant.. and I am still happily Twisping away  Thumbs up!"

"After 18 days its hard to believe that me and and my husband quit cigarettes ,just like that!!..we didnt plan it ,we didnt discuss it we just bought the twisp that Sunday afternoon and that was the end of cigarettes..very happy! "

"I've always been afraid of quitting smoking for fear of putting on weight. Now with having purchased my Twisp 4 days ago, I feel I may have the solution. I haven't had a ciggy in four days and am LOVING my Twisp. Thanks guys x"

"I would like to say a BIG thank you for your awesome service. Placed my order yesterday and received delivery this morning. Awesome efficient service!! Such a pleasure dealing with you "

"My husband is in LOVE with his Twisp, and I am happy no more SMOKE in my face etc.........he cant even smoke normal cigarettes anymore....it is a COOL PRODUCT!!!!!!!!"

"I started using Twisp 6 weeks ago and I must say that I have not felt better in years!!!!! After 1 week my sense of smell and taste "popped" back. It is awesome. Food tastes fantastic. I smell wonderful as does everything around me..... except for other smokers. I cannot believe that I stank like that for 37 years!!!!! I no longer have smelly ash trays littered around my home either. Since I started, 9 people at my work have also started e-cigging!!!! I am no longer afraid of exercise either because my lungs feel better, so weight gain is not an issue."

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.08.10 AM
"Ordered a few flavours and a few coils online yesterday just before 1pm, and this morning as i get into my office, behind me is the delivery man with my goodies... WOW is that express or what. well done its service like that which makes me a proud Twisper!"

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.07.06 AM
"I've stopped smoking for one month so far and Twisp has been with me all the way. I love it. I've got my senses back, food taste great, the air smells fresher, my chest is no longer heavy. I feel like a new person and people around me can see a difference. The service from the Twisp store at The Glen was awesome.... why don't all stores have people like that working. But thank you again guys for an awesome product. By the way, I tried the nut brittle and love it...pls don't stop it."

"I bought my twisp yesterday in Namibia in Windhoek at Wernhill Mall its absolutely fantastic I tried everything to quit smoking and just couldn't quit since I bought the Twisp I smoke one cigarette a day I will recommend it to everyone that smokes to buy a Twisp great work its fantastic... Thank you so much Twisp you rock"

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.04.44 AM
"I purchased my Twisp yesterday from Northgate Mall. The guy that assisted me was Gary and was really friendly and informative. I'm very excited about smoking less and less each day whilst replacing it with a Twisp..... Yesterday I had a total of 3 cigarettes as opposed to about 20 and today, so far, only 1. YAH!!!!"

"First time me and my boyfriend went to hear about the product we were fithty fithty about it but I have to compliment the girl at Brooklyn Mall. she was right about it all we love our twisps more and more every day but most importantly I need to say what amazing service we got she is one of the most helpful and friendly and she made an effort explaining us how to use it 4 times with no impatience to which really made it a very pleasant experience think we have found a new kiosk to support hope you reach your first target we are holding thumbs!"

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.03.11 AM
"Love it! Don't know how I lived without all this time."

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.02.09 AM
"One week cigarette free! I wish I had switched to this sooner."

"Loving it. From 40 Cigs a day to Nil immediately i received the Twisp :) Very happy."

"Just over two months and I only smoked one traditional cigarette during that time, loving Twisp."

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.57.29 AM
"I am so proud of myself and my husband - on 21 May, it has been 3 months since we stopped smoking and started "Twisping". Loving our Twisps!"

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.56.16 AM
"Was just at the new offices and everybody is so friendly. Thank you Tim for replacing my battery. Stopped smoking for 1 month now wooohoo my lung capacity went from 50 per cent to 87.. I love Twisp.. Xoxo"

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.55.14 AM
"Absolutely fantastic product! I had been smoking for almost 10 years and have been cigarrette free for a week now! Your loyalty programme is great and your customer service is phenomenal! Really impressed with you guys! :)"

"As a touring musician, smoking has always been an issue... Now as we tour or in rehearsal rooms etc, i can always have a quick puff without worry. Thank you for this awesome invention. Saves me a ton!!"

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.49.32 AM
"I have been a smoker of 30+ a day for 28 years. This product works. I never thought I would get rid of the habbit, but your product has helped. I can smell again and tast has become a censation. A total live changing experiance. Thanks."

"It's been six days 2hrs and 35 min since my last cigarette, thanks to twisp. Now need to switch from nicotine to homeopathic range...."

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.46.05 AM
"I have now been on Twisp for 2 months and have not regretted it one day. I was smoking 35 cigarettes a day and have not touched a single cigarette. Between my wife and myself we save R2480.00 per month on smokes and now lay out a total of R320.00 per month. The initial cost of the whole package has already been covered in full and now we are saving for a nice Holiday in December. Eastgate store is SUPER as well as the staff, all of them especially Khalid. * * * * * five stars"

"I have had my Twisp since November and its been great. My son kept getting ashmatic bronchitis and we got a wake up call. Even though we only used to smoke outside and not in the car or around them, the smell lingers on your clothing, on your hair and in your breath. He hasn't gotten it since! And we can breathe easy The variety of flavours are also great"
"Smells good, tastes good, prevents temptations to smoke, keeps you in the loop with the creative students while still being healthy"
"1) The taste is absolutely awesome and no stinky cigarette odors 2) I feel so much healthier more energy and no more coughing in the mornings and through out the day 3) Can smoke anywhere when you want with no harmful smoke to any one around you! 4) You save so much money with the Twisp and it offers you such a variety of flavors that you will never get bored with just one! 5) It gives you the satisfaction from your cravings when you switch over and after 10 months smoking the Twisp I will never go back so cigarettes! All and all a stunning alternative"
"2 months ago we had no intention of buying twisps for myself or my husband. We just went to the mall, saw the kiosk, we were curious...we tried it..we liked it ,we bought it and that was the end of cigarettes...one of the best reasons i have for using twisp is that we have 2 sealed packs cigarettes that we bought 2 months ago just before we went to that mall and not once have we been tempted to open it..NOT ONCE!....never in my life did i think it would be so easy to get off twak! thank you."
"Healthy, No smoke residue, Lovely smell, Orgasmic taste, Smoking inside everywhere, Bonus: just damn classy xx "
"Definitely a healthy choice twisp aint a option its a life changing life saving upgrade in your life. Iv given up cigarettes 4 months now definately increases my lifespan so far. The twisp flavours are far more superior than any other therby keeping you off the cigarette cravings. Service and after sales backup is impeccable and so convenient that you never stranded without your twisp or your products. Finaly twisp is more of an experience that can only be felt when you vape the twisp way anywhere anytime without the odours and over 4000 toxins of a cigarette. Keep on #twisping"
"I have been smoking since I was 16 and am currently 47. Tried everything to give up smoking without success. Had a pulmonar embolism in 2011 and the cigarette was blamed for it. Tried again to quit without success. Doctors found a tumour on my vocal cords in March 2014 and I was operated on the 13th of March. Thank God it was cancer! I was given a twisp by my two daughters on that fatefull day and have never touched a cigarette since!!! Feel super healthy in comparison to when I was smoking cigarettes and feel super proud of myself!!! Thank YOU for saving my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"I have been smoking for 32 years, now using Twisp for 3 weeks. Great feeling, no smelly clothes and hands, no cough in the morning and everything tastes better"
"Smoked for 45 years - 60 per day - started twisping 10 months ago - cannot believe the fool I was not wanting to believe the damage smoking did to my relationships, both with loved ones and friends and not to even mention my health - now, twisping, I am that person who is against smoking - stop cigarettes now and start twisping - studies show that by vaping you reduce toxin intake a thousand fold and even using full strength (nicotine) oils reduce nicotine intake by up to a hundred times - whats not to love about that - oh and you don't stink everything up, including yourself"
"Its classy, healthy, tastes great, smells fantastic and since being on a twisp my doctor has halved the dosage of my chronic medication. I love twisp"
"I have been smoking twisp since June 2013, and (1) have never felt better. No longer suffer with my chest. (2) My husband is also pleased that I changed to twisp and even allows me to smoke in his car as it is 100% cleaner. (3) I have not had any cravings for cigarettes since the first month. (4)I will not go back to smoking again as it is a dirty habit. (5) The flavours are amazing also the staff are amazing where ever I go."
"After using my twistp now for a few months, my skin feels and looks a lot better. I don't smell like an ashtray anymore. I save money. I get to sit behind my desk at the office and enjoy my twisp, making me more productive and in return making more money. so all in all, it pays for itself basically. hahahahahaha"
"Smoking for 27 years, and always battled to give up! So now hubby and I are vaping with out twisps, no more morning coughs etc. Nevermind how much money we saving too! Twisp is awesome! I love the nut brittle flavour. Everyone that sees ours goes off and buys themselves one!"
"I am using the Twisp Clearo Electronic cigarette and am AMAZED with it!!! I stopped smoking about 3 years ago so tried another electronic brand (actually two different ones) which, although they helped me for awhile, were totally insignificant in comparison to Twisp!"
"1. You don't wake up with a wheezy chest or cough (often using the weather or allergies as an excuse)
2. You don't stink anymore (even though u were in denial about it)
3. You can smoke indoors ( no more outcast at parties and feeling like a minority)
4. Your mates are not moaning at you anymore ( well, far less!)
5. You can smell, taste and gym better! "
Cape Town
Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.12.44 AM
"I’m a huge fan of Twisp. A lot of what we do requires being in studios and indoor venues, so it’s great to just turn on the Twisp and get your smoke without being hassled. Not to mention my actual cigarette smoking has literally gone down by about 90%."
Cape Town
"Twisp is my alternative of choice, and I use no other"
USA Musician
"Twisp is a fantastic product - whether you're a smoker or not. The flavors are great and the battery lasts for ages. I'm very happy I got one and it's helped lots of my friends quite their smoking habit. Thanks twisp!"
Cape Town
"The Twisp is a full game changer, I literally stopped smoking cigarettes over night - and the flavors make it work! Smoke the future!"