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About Twisp 


Since 2008, Twisp has set the trend – and stayed on the leading edge in the evolution to vapour products. Today, it’s the biggest vapour brand in South Africa. Twisping is an experience of its own. Our stylish, bespoke devices give you 11th generation expertise. Our product range of 5 ingeniously modular devices gives you a choice of the latest in technological advancements and hardware on the market – which is why all Twisp devices are backed by a 6-month warranty.

Ongoing research and development keeps Twisp on the revolutionary edge. It’s the safer alternative without the harmful effects of burning tobacco, smoke, tar and carbon monoxide. In trend towards vapour products, Twisp technology delivers the ultimate in functionality and our flavours have been specially developed to enhance your experience. Our extraordinary Twisp Flavours are pharmaceutically engineered to ensure superior flavour and aroma. Twisp adheres to the strictest of standards and all the variants in our Twisp Flavour ranges are produced in Cape Town through a licensed pharmaceutical laboratory, according to strict MCC and Ecita US requirements. Our flavour philosophy of extensive self-regulation ensures safety and consistent quality – and we use natural ingredients where possible, sourced all over globe to create the most authentic and vivid flavour experience possible. 

According to a recent New York Court ruling, vaping can considerably reduce your daily spend from smoking – and saving money never goes out of fashion. Simply charge, refill and enjoy. With the convenience of 66 dedicated stores nationally, nationwide retailers such as Dischem and Clicks, and an easy e-commerce shop online option serviced by a dedicated Customer Service Department, Twisp is the genuinely intelligent alternative.

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